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Serving all of Volusia County since 2003. Wholesale Computer Outlet, LLC offers FREE pickup & delivery to the surrounding areas. Virus removal in DeLand is usual fast and gives the end user the computer repaired with very few changes if done properly. When we do a virus removal in DeLand we make every effort to keep all your data intact all existing programs working the way they were before the computer was infect with a virus. Their are many types of viruses out there that can affect your computer. Some of these include the following:

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A worm is a program that makes and facilitates the distribution of copies of itself; for example, from one disk drive to another, or by copying itself using email or another transport mechanism. The worm may do damage and compromise the security of the computer. It may arrive via exploitation of a system vulnerability or by clicking on an infected e-mail. A Virus Removal from DeLand Florida will fix this!

Trojan Horse 
Virus removal DeLand,  Florida will cure A trojan horse program has the appearance of having a useful and desired function. While it may advertise its activity after launching, this information is not apparent to the user beforehand. Secretly the program performs other, undesired functions. A Trojan Horse neither replicates nor copies itself, but causes damage or compromises the security of the computer. A Trojan Horse must be sent by someone or carried by another program and may arrive in the form of a joke program or software of some sort. The malicious functionality of a Trojan Horse may be anything undesirable for a computer user, including data destruction or compromising a system by providing a means for another computer to gain access, thus bypassing normal access controls.

Rootkit Virus
A rootkit virus is an undetectable virus which attempts to allow someone to gain control of a computer system. The term rootkit comes from the linux administrator root user. These viruses are usually installed by trojans and are normally disguised as operating system files. Rootkit virus removal DeLand Florida

Bootsector Virus
A boot sector virus attaches itself to the first part of the hard disk that is read by the computer upon bootup.. 

Logic Bombs/Time Bombs
Logic Bombs/Time Bombs are viruses that initiate when a specific event occurs. Some examples are a virus which deletes your photos on your birthday, or a virus which deletes a information when an employee gets fired.

Macro Virus
Macro viruses infect documents such as Microsoft Excel and/or Microsoft Word and are generally spread to other similar documents.Macro viruses use another application's macro programming language to redistribute themselves

Memory Resident Viruses
Memory Resident Viruses reside (RAM) a computers volatile memory. They only affect the computer so long as it stays on. Once the computer is shut down , the Virus is eliminated as the memory is cleared.

Polymorphic Viruses
A polymorphic virus replicates itself by creating multiple files of itself, and it also creates a new digital signature each time it replicates. This virus is very difficult to remove and harder for antivirus software to detect.

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