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Mac Repairs - Volusia County

We offer full repairs on all MAC, Apple, and iPhone products. Our services are typically half the cost of the MAC Store and come with a 1 year warranty on all hardware repairs. We offer a FREE diagnostics of your device when the recommended work is completed! We have proudly serviced all of Volusia County MAC repair needs since 2003.

Loud Noises From Computer

Computer Noises

More often than not, the noises you are hearing are a system fan vibrating due to excessive dust. The first thing to try is to use compressed air or and air compressor to blow the dust off. You must be careful not to spin the fan rapidly as this will cause damage to it. If blowing the fan off doesn't solve the problem, then it has to be replaced. Our computer repair store in DeLand, Fl can get you taken care of quickly! 

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Hard Drive Issues

Is my Hard Drive Failing?

Hard drives are probably the highest failure point on any computer. Sometimes they just die and fail completely, While other times they gradually degrade over time wreaking havoc on your system performance.

You can start by using software to attempt to diagnose the problem. You can try FREE Software such as Crystal Disk Info:


This will show you value information such as how long your hard drive has been on or if it is failing SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). If it turns out that your hard drive is indeed failing, you will want to clone (copy) it to a new hard drive immediately. 

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Computer Constantly Freezes

Freezing and locking up

Computers often begin to freeze or lock up. This is usually a warning sign that something is failing or going bad. You should have your computer checked out immediately and not hesitate. In many instances a failing hard drive could be the root of the problem. If you cannot have your computer looked at immediately, start a backup to prevent data loss. The sooner you have the issue looked into, the more likely you will be able to have your computer running the way it was before it started to fail.

If the problems are software related, I would recommend doing all of you operating system and driver updates first. This usually will clear the problem out.

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Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

The notorious BSOD made its introduction in 1995. It quickly donned the infamous name, "The Blue Screen of Death", because it indicated that something was seriously wrong with your computer.

Unfortunately, there isn't a single simple answer as to why you are receiving the error. It could be anything from a bad hard drive, failing system memory, or something simple such as a software driver.

In order to troubleshoot what the underlying problem is, it is best to simply bring your computer in, schedule a free pickup or request onsite service to repair the problem. The good news is that this is typically repairable at a reasonable price.


Broken LCD Screen / Broken Laptop Screen

Broken LCD Screens, are they worth replacing?

Whether you have a MAC, Microsoft Windows laptop, or a Chromebook, you may break your screen at some point. Not all screens are created equal. We are often asked how much it cost to replace a screen. This question raises other question. Each computer manufacturer uses different brand screens and sometimes different screens even in the same model computer. Cost of a screen replacement can range from $40-$800 or more. The cost varies tremendously and it all depends on what is currently installed in your computer. For us to properly evaluate the cost of replacement, we recommend either scheduling a pick or dropping it of for us to take apart.

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